Sensual // Sensory


Guidance: Make it more sensual.

Assignment: Today you must shoot a single subject using multiple exposures (a series of 6), using a novelty or vintage lens (otherwise pick your fastest glass) and your favorite camera.


With my huge vintage lens collection, it wasn’t the choosing of the gear that proved tricky for this assignment. It wasn’t the fact that I should shoot a series of 6 images of the same subject matter. What proved to be the real challenge here was sticking to the guidance.

Sensual does not equal sexual. It does not have to be. I thought it had to be. But I chose not to.

I chose the senses.

But how do you go about that with only 5 of them around.

I will leave the 6th up for interpretation. I know what it is to me. Do you know what it is to you?

Shot on the Fujifilm X-Pro2 using a 1971 Minolta Rokkor 58mm f/1.2 and a 12mm extension tube.

One day late

Image 209.jpg

By Jonas Rask

I was supposed to get this story done and uploaded yesterday.
But I didn’t make that deadline.

We weren’t supposed to dig into our archives and reuse material that had already been shot.
But I dug into my year old gallery.

So, why was I late? Why did I dig? - Because I was lazy and didn’t get my portraits shot? Not really.
I shot self portraits. I portrayed my good friend Donald, I portrayed fellow photographer Frederik Vohnsen, I portrayed my kids, nieces and nephews. All within the last 14 days.

So I didn’t need to be late, and I didn’t need to dig.

I have this camera. It’s nothing fancy. It’s old.
I love that little (big) thing. It shoots packfilm. Old Fujifilm FP100c or FP3000b. It’s a fantastic feeling to shoot a portrait of someone I know with this camera. To show them the positive, then go home and develop the negative using bleach and a glass-plate. It’s oldschool charm that really makes you commit to your craft, and to your portrait.
But the Fujifilm FP100c and FP3000b are no more. I have collected a lot for storage in my fridge, but they’re way past expiration already. And when they’re done - then no more. Then only digital noise.

So, again I’m late. They’ve all expired, and I have to dig deep into the corners of online stores to find the few remaining packs for me to maintain my storage.

So I’ll continue to be late, and I’ll continue to dig.

The below images have been shot using a Polaroid 600SE camera and a Mamiya Sekor 127mm f/4.7 lens.
Some are shot on FP100c, some on FP3000b. Some are scanned as positives, some have been scanned as negatives.

My consumerist confession



It’s a funny thing really. When I first heard the theme for the whole consumerism issue, I thought to myself that it would be one of the most hypocritical things we could do as a collective.
Why, do you ask?
Well first and foremost because 6 of us either is or was brand ambassadors for Fujifilm at some point in time. That means playing a big part in ensuring continuing growth and success for the Fujifilm corporation, which in terms actually translates directly into adding to the consumerism within the camera industry.
Obviously we tried to lighten the mood a bit by agreeing to use our oldest available digital camera. A way to show, that using the newest tech doesn’t always matter, even though we ourselves have a real knack for creating hype surrounding a new camera release.

To make matters even worse, on a personal level I’m so addicted to buying new camera stuff that I make myself sick! - I consume cameras at a rate that most people only dream about. So for me to write about consumerism is like having a certain US president write about humility and altruism.

But I thought to myself, why not just embrace it, and show the world that I am a big part of this consumerist train. I chose to take my X-Pro1 and XF35mm f/1.4 with me on vacation.
A vacation so filled with consumation, that it actually made me sick to my stomach at times.

We went on a trip starting in the fasionable West Palm Beach, followed by a 7 day cruise and ending up in South Beach Miami before heading home. I cannot think of a more point-proving vacation that that.

USA is the epitome of consumerism. We drove around in cars with 6.4L V8 engines that had 30 gallon tanks. We consumed gasoline at a pace that wasn’t even funny. At breakfast cafés we had the most grotesque sized servings of eggs and pancakes. So large that 6 children shared a 10USD order of pancakes and only ate 2/3 of it.
Shopping is conveniately and safely done inside malls. Outlet malls, center malls, childrens malls. Oh boy did my family get some shopping done!

Then the boat. - Superflous in all its appearance, environmental footprint, Phillippine labour forces, food consumation and wastegeneration. Complete with casino, bars, restaurants and buffets the size of manhattan.
What a machine! Perfectly tuned for consumerism!

Miami beach was a site to behold. One car bigger and more noisy than the next. People flashing their latest fashion accessories, pets- or plastic surgery procedures. A real theatre grotesque.
But you know what? I had a GREAT vacation. I consumed, like I usually do, and didn’t give it much thought. Just like I usually do!

Well maybe I did think about it this time - because of this project!

As it turns out I did think more and more about it. And in hindsight I made myself sick to my own stomach. Will I change things a little bit? I sure hope so. Will it be lasting change? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll evaluate at the end of next year.

But I sure hope so.

Join Our Club



I’ve known these guys for a very long time now. I met all of them, except Kasper, back in 2002. The year I started medschool.
We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into at the time. We thought this was just education. It turned out we were quite heavily underestimating the importance of what we had set out to do. We were on a path that would shape our future in a quite profound way.

Back then we cared less about the healthcare system setups, the union politics, the suicide rates, medical rarities and the Hippocratic oath. All we cared about was friendship…. and anatomy.

I flunked anatomy, big time.
I thought it would be like high school. I thought I could pass the tests by just acting interested and use my intelligence. But I found out the hard way, that being a medstudent required an insane amount of work and effort. Every day. Unfortunately the gang moved up a semester while I was stuck doing the anatomy thing all over again for another 6 months.
But luckily we kept hanging out despite.
Our bonds were strong.

Many things happen during the course of a 6 year stay in university. And after those 6 years, comes clinical internships. Then the clinical speciality education.
Spread across the country, we still managed to get ourselves (and our growing party of wives and children) together for special occasions. Not as often as before, but we believed in quality over quantity.

We now live within 45 min of each other (except for Tobias who moved out west and has to drive a little longer), and even to this day we still get together.

It’s our club of friendship.

I treasure it more than I could ever express.


Copenhagen Light


I don’t really want to write too many words in todays story. I’m tired. Tired of words. Tired of broken promises. Tired.
Copenhagen was great. Observing it yet again was great. Capturing it was great.

Copenhagen Lights

shot using a pre-production GFX50R - GF63mm and Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM

October 17, 2018 at 11:50 pm (Tokyo, Japan)

Photography and words by Jonas Rask

Ending the study of capturing the mundane everyday.
Ending the stories that lie in everyday living.
Ending the narration.

In Japan. A place that for me is not mundane, nor everyday.
But for some it is indeed.
Mundane everyday
Everyday Living,

Ending the narration.

October 10, 2018 at 10:10 pm (Maarslet, Denmark)

Photography and words by Jonas Rask

I have a thing with numbers. I guess it is what drives my sanity in times of chaos. Its about absolute order of things. It has been like that for as long as I can remember. I always excelled at math instead of linguistics. I chose the mathematical line in high school, and obviously ended up in medschool. So numbers are a big factor in my life.
The Chronicle 90 journey is almost at the end of its lifespan. Again it was a quest of numbers. 90 days. 1 post a week.
Next week I’ll be visiting Fujifilm in Tokyo, so this week is all about preparing for that trip. Mostly about dates, hotelsbookings, time schedules, etc. You know…. the numbers.

So imagine my delight when I saw todays date.

10 images today. On 10/10. At 10:10

Now that is a journal entry in its own right. Regardless of story.

October 3, 2018 at 06:26 pm (Maarslet, Denmark)

Photography and words by Jonas Rask

Last week was ‘Kina 2018 week. As I’m sure you probably know by now I was there giving 3 talks. So was Bert, Patrick and Kevin along with many others from the Fujifilm “family”. Yes I call them family, cause that is actually what it feels like to be around this particular group of people. It feels safe. I feel that I can be myself. I have strong feelings towards many of them. So yes, this is just like a family relationship.
I’m humbled beyond words to be able to have this in my life. I’m grateful for everything that it brings me. This is so far from what I expected when I took up photography those almost 10 years ago.

As with any great thing in life that must come to an end, the withdrawal effect can be overwhelming. And thats what I’m going through this week. Withdrawal.
I force myself to pick up my camera, but the mood of it all is rather dark. So I go with the flow, and do what my slumbering overloaded creative brain wants me to do. I embrace it.

So today is dark. Today is abstinence. Today is longing.

September 26, 2018 at 07:33 pm (Cologne, Germany)

Photography and words by Jonas Rask

Seeing old friends, making new ones.
This is the part I like.
This is what brings a smile to my face.
The rest resembles a charade

September 19, 2018 at 06:39 pm (Mårslet, Denmark)

Photography and words by Jonas Rask

Seeing old friends, making new ones.
This is the part I like.
This is what brings a smile to my face.
The rest resembles a charade