Launched in 2012, the KAGE collective is a photography project exploring the medium in all its forms, through member essays, thought pieces, articles, books and curation. Our focus on visual storytelling aims to encompass all genres, from pure documentary reportage to personal and impressionistic imagery, without pre-conceived notions or restrictions. 


the photographers

Patrick La Roque (Canada)
Derek Clark (UK)
Robert Catto (Australia)
Vincent Baldensperger (France)
Bert Stephani (Belgium)
Kevin Mullins (UK)
Jonas Rask (Denmark)
Dominique Shaw (UK)



"This is not about forced reality. It is not about pure reportage without intent. It is about resolute interpretations of the moment. The eye as ghost and poet and translator. We believe in interaction without interference, in rogue infiltrations borne out of respect. The image as truth and as point of view.
We vow to be shadows.
We vow to search for light




We are also available—as a group or individually—for assignments and commissioned work around the globe. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or project ideas.

NORTH AMERICA (CANADA): 514-371-2408
EUROPE (UK): 07860 765171
PACIFIC (AUSTRALIA): +61 415 747 606

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