May 2018 | ISSUE 023



Words from the Editor

Every day life, unlike that top model or that mind blowing sunset, is always available to get in front of our lenses. But that doesn't make it an easy subject. Repetition and familiarity tend to make things invisible. Major changes can go unnoticed because they often move very slowly. And with years of photographic experience comes the danger of the paralyzing been-there-done-that syndrome. 

All of us have been shooting every day life extensively on and off. And I feel that at KAGE I'm surrounded by masters of this genre. Yet, we all found this theme harder to do than expected. But when I look at the results, I can only say that this is a very rich issue.
We are constantly blasted with spectacular images from the coolest places in the world, the prettiest people and the cutest cats. But you know what? I'll take the honest images in this issue over those constructed realities any day of the week. 

Bert Stephani
May 2018





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