I used to live near these fields and I walked them often for a couple of years to get some air, think, forget, despair, hope or just be. I liked how things changed with the seasons but as soon as I entered the second annual cycle, I got bored because it was like watching a movie again just after finishing it the first time. What's the point of life if it's just a constantly repeating pattern?

It took a while before I started noticing the subtle changes that came with each cycle. I saw wildlife that wasn't there a year before, the puddles on the path were in different places, there were new sounds, unfamiliar faces and so much more. 
This morning, when I walked these fields again for the first time in a couple of years, I noticing that these small changes are all it takes to transform an area over time. 

Nature is wise teacher, small changes do have an impact. Our actions aren't pointless, so let's make them count.

Join Our Club



I’ve known these guys for a very long time now. I met all of them, except Kasper, back in 2002. The year I started medschool.
We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into at the time. We thought this was just education. It turned out we were quite heavily underestimating the importance of what we had set out to do. We were on a path that would shape our future in a quite profound way.

Back then we cared less about the healthcare system setups, the union politics, the suicide rates, medical rarities and the Hippocratic oath. All we cared about was friendship…. and anatomy.

I flunked anatomy, big time.
I thought it would be like high school. I thought I could pass the tests by just acting interested and use my intelligence. But I found out the hard way, that being a medstudent required an insane amount of work and effort. Every day. Unfortunately the gang moved up a semester while I was stuck doing the anatomy thing all over again for another 6 months.
But luckily we kept hanging out despite.
Our bonds were strong.

Many things happen during the course of a 6 year stay in university. And after those 6 years, comes clinical internships. Then the clinical speciality education.
Spread across the country, we still managed to get ourselves (and our growing party of wives and children) together for special occasions. Not as often as before, but we believed in quality over quantity.

We now live within 45 min of each other (except for Tobias who moved out west and has to drive a little longer), and even to this day we still get together.

It’s our club of friendship.

I treasure it more than I could ever express.


Renewal 2019


The end of 2018 was full of reflection for me and now, as we head into 2019, I feel I’ve had a certain amount of clarity over the festive period.

I spent a lot of time before Christmas out and about on workshops, shopping and socialising and something hit me like a brick.

Consumerism. Over indulgence. Ego. The need for immediate satisfaction. The need for acceptance. Technology. Noise. Boredom. Constant movement. Lack of space.

Lack of empathy.

And I include myself within some of those parameters.

“Man is not, by nature, deserving of all that he wants. When we think that we are automatically entitled to something, that is when we start walking all over others to get it.” 
― Criss Jami

It’s an abundance of crisis. An ever essential need to get more “likes”, more stuff, better stuff, other stuff. Stuff. Just because it’s stuff. We must have….stuff.

On Christmas day, here in the UK, right after the kids watched a Christmas movie, the advert that came on straight after was for a loan company.

What kind of a message is that? What kind of empathy is there?

I feel like many of us are the people that never slows down.

Buy more stuff. Plug into more stuff. Eat more stuff. Never taking a break. Never slowing down.

For what?

There are a lot of messages in our daily existence. I love the artwork that Banksy puts out. His work has a deep sense of irony, humour but a very, very keen sense of observation of the world we live in.

Without sounding too much like Michael Jackson, for 2019, I’m looking at my children more.

I’m looking at the simple things. Things that make them laugh and smile, must, surely, be the things that can make us laugh and smile.

When I’m 95 I want to be walking down the road hand in hand with my wife - not thinking about “stuff” or worse, the time I wasted on “stuff”.

The most important stuff in life is not stuff. It’s life.

Well I think so, anyway.

Happy New Year, folks.