October 17, 2018 at 11:50 pm (Tokyo, Japan)

Photography and words by Jonas Rask

Ending the study of capturing the mundane everyday.
Ending the stories that lie in everyday living.
Ending the narration.

In Japan. A place that for me is not mundane, nor everyday.
But for some it is indeed.
Mundane everyday
Everyday Living,

Ending the narration.

Life at 320 Frames Per Second

Life at 320 Frames Per Second

It takes a little getting used to - the constant rushing forward.

Travelling by Shinkansen, Japan's high-speed rail system, feels at first like a plane taking off; but, you never quite achieve flight, and the acceleration seems endless.

Out the window, anything close is passing to quickly to focus on; so you adjust to a series of glimpses, of passing cities, farms, stations. And, occasionally, a human form - a face, a shape, a silhouette. A flicker of life outside the metal tube...

In Wet Chaos of Shinjuku

Text and photography by Patrick La Roque

"Piss off!" he says "We're not here for that...we're not here for that!"
Hollering prince hustlers of black phantom clouds & alleys
We're here to drown man
We're here to wallow & thrust in technicolor lightning neon
Watch compressed masses assemble, watch arcade dramas unfold
Watch & watch & watch some more.
Three piece suit throwing up on pavement shoes   heretic friend laughing his ass off
Hands on fire in a hallowed rain
Wild & unstable as dynamite.

We want long legs around our necks
Trapped in the 50mm eye
Of sunless days & immaculate shut downs.

Drenched maniacs fighting off furies
To rise
& rise & ride
In wet chaos
Of Shinjuku.