The People of Shibuya


I’m just back from a whirlwind trip to Japan.

It’s the third time I’ve been to the Land of the Rising Sun and each time I’m amazed a little more by its quirkiness and sense of achievement.

Everything that happens in Japan, happens for a reason and it’s a beutiful thing to witness actually.

Whilst I couldn’t live in the hussle of Tokyo, there are many aspects of Japanese society that we could all learn from.

Here are a few shots from a period of time I spent at the pretty famous Shibuya crossing.

I only took my X100F on this trip, and I feel it was the perfect companion. Small, light, discreet and having not really used this camera much in 2018 it was a cathartic experience to get up close and personal with the people of Shibuya.

October 17, 2018 at 11:50 pm (Tokyo, Japan)

Photography and words by Jonas Rask

Ending the study of capturing the mundane everyday.
Ending the stories that lie in everyday living.
Ending the narration.

In Japan. A place that for me is not mundane, nor everyday.
But for some it is indeed.
Mundane everyday
Everyday Living,

Ending the narration.

Life Between Trains

Life Between Trains

For ten days, we race around the country, often unsure of our exact location.

Coming as we did from near-summer in Australia to near-winter in Japan, the angle of light and the shortness of the days strike me most; when we arrive at our destination for the night, as often as not it is getting dark, the shadows are deep.

But between the rushing forward, there are moments of tranquility; even in the bustle of cities, among the crowded tourist spots, the giant car parks full of buses.

A time for prayer; an ice cream cone; a flight of birds; an evening shower.

Life at 320 Frames Per Second

Life at 320 Frames Per Second

It takes a little getting used to - the constant rushing forward.

Travelling by Shinkansen, Japan's high-speed rail system, feels at first like a plane taking off; but, you never quite achieve flight, and the acceleration seems endless.

Out the window, anything close is passing to quickly to focus on; so you adjust to a series of glimpses, of passing cities, farms, stations. And, occasionally, a human form - a face, a shape, a silhouette. A flicker of life outside the metal tube...