05.05 retrospect


Photography and words by Jonas Rask

Ever since I started shooting Fujifilm cameras back in 2011, I started carrying my camera with me everywhere I go. 
The store, concerts, recitals, family gatherings, the couch. You get the point. Everywhere. 

Whenever I give lectures on photography, it’s always my key point. - Always wear a camera. You never know what situations will present it self. 
This has a very desirable side effect. Most of my images are images of my everyday life. Life as it happens around me, in front of my lens. 

Maybe not exciting in present tense, but when viewed in retrospect, it becomes what photography is destined to be. Preservance of memories. Those fleeing moments that you want to hang on to forever. 

I dug into my library. 
I found one monochrome
I found one colour

6 years. 12 images. 1 date.

This is my everyday life. On May 5th. The past 6 years.