12 Hours


Photography & Text by Kevin Mullins:  Fujifilm X100F

Monotony has nothing to do with a place; monotony, either in its sensation or its infliction, is simply the quality of a person. There are no dreary sights; there are only dreary sight seers.
— G.K. Chesterton, Alarms and Discursions

In a world of seeming monotony, there is I suppose there is a story in everything.

This month, we decided to document our everyday life and I immediately knew that it would be kind of dull.  But also, perhaps, a bit cathartic.

You see, even though I believe I have one of the best jobs, I still have a daily grind. 

I have the same issues and worries today as I did five years ago and I still feel like I'm walking through treacle often.

In the end, it turned out to be around 12 hours to encompass this.

I wanted to give a viewpoint as to what I see.  Every day. 

Not a romanticized version of anything, but honest warts and all series of images.

These images are not pretty, and can't really be considered much more than snapshots, but they are true to the voyeuristic principles of photojournalism.  What was in front of me, I photographed without adornment.

Nothing is moved, nothing is cleaned and nothing is edited.

This is my daily life.

I'm very privileged to live in a beautiful market town, and once my day is done I get to walk through a gorgeous Cotswolds scene to our beautiful, but small and cramped, 400-year-old cottage.

I still need to change the water in my car, and I still find my daughters dolls terrifying.  

But I'm grateful for the monotony I have to endure if in fact, endure is the right verb to use.