August 29th, 2018 at 08:30pm (Maarslet, Denmark)

by Jonas Rask

Sofie started pony riding back in April.  To be honest, I didn't like it. I blame my occupation. I have seen these little girls coming into the E.R. half crushed by a seemingly tame and cute little pony. When accidents happen in riding, they happen.
But I took one for the team, and agreed that she could start up slow at a local riding school. My only term was that my wife was in charge of the overseeing the sessions, and left me and my neurotic doctor-brain at home. 
Fast forward almost 5 months, and today I took Sofie riding. A true first for me. 
I must admit, seeing how happy she was around the animals, quickly lessened my anxiety to the point of non-existence. 

As we all seek to find our big joys in life, Sofie seem to have found hers (for now) - And what kind of a dad would I be if I didn't back that up. 

August 26th, 2018 at 05:26pm (Maarslet, Denmark)

by Jonas Rask

My mom celebrated her 40th anniversary as a nurse this weekend. It had been a while since we'd seen the extended family. Holidays, workloads, the lot. You get the idea. The kids were ecstatic as always to see their relatives. I love these small gatherings. 
Just being present, really.
It doesn't take more than that. 

August 19th, 2018 at 02:08pm (Maarslet, Denmark)

Photography by Jonas Rask

After many a trial
We all silent there
It burst as new-arisen,
Throwing a shade to where
Time travelled at that minute.
— Thomas Hardy

August 12th, 2018 at 09:40am (Maarslet, Denmark)

By Jonas Rask

I always found it amusing that KAGE in Japanese means a shape of light or shadow, whilst in danish its meaning is a lot less poetic. It simply means "cake". - So imagine my chuckle when I exported my images for my journal entry this morning, only to see the watermark being quite explicit as to what is going on. 

Anyway. We're well into August by now, and school starts tomorrow. So we're pulling every last drop of that vacation feeling. After having a non-stop sun streak in Denmark since May 5th, weather has started to change. So indoor activities resume.
Nanna has grown so much. Both physically and mentally. I can almost feel her need for independence luring already. It's insane. She's only 9 years old. 
It always remind me to make sure I document things. So I will have the memories preserved. Luckily she still doesn't mind me photographing her.

I sincerely fear the day when she no longer wishes for her picture to be taken by her father. 

August 5th, 2018 at 10:01am (Maarslet, Denmark)

By Jonas Rask

The vacation is over. Or at least our joint vacation as a complete family. We had 2 weeks together, which seems like a good amount of time going in, but feels like a brief second going out. We had an amazing holiday. We spent most of our time in Croatia, but on our way home we made a brief stop in Prague. It was a very weird feeling, wandering through Prague in all of its mighty beauty, and still feel like it wasn't even close to the sheer magnificence of the Croatian cities of Biograd, Sibenik, Zadar and Split. 

The following pictures have an obvious visual commonality, but more importantly they have contextual commonality in that they were taken in the 7 different cities that we visited the last 14 days. 


July 26 2018 at 2:08PM (Biograd, Croatia)

By Jonas Rask

Finally vacation time. Finally time for family. 
We drove through Europe. 1900km+, it took us a couple of days to get here, improvized hotel stay et all. But now we are. Here.
In Croatia. This is a first for our family, but it probably be the last. This place is amazing. 

We do what we usually do. Live simple, enjoy it all. I am so ever grateful.