Love Day


“It’s got to be warm and fuzzy, something like ‘Love Day’ but not so lame!”

- Trash of the Titans, The Simpsons, April 26, 1998

Happy Valentine's Day or “Love Day” as The Simpsons inevitably ended up calling it. 

Consumerism is everywhere. We are fed a constant stream of it on a daily basis, on our phones, in our newspapers, on billboards and on our streets. When a holiday hits though the game goes into overdrive…

A brief walk through town over the past week or so leaves little excuse to forget the upcoming celebration with everything from card shops to solicitors offering their services with a little extra love baked in this February 14th. Here’s a tip: if you have inadvertently left it a little late to surprise your loved one I’m happy to report that according to the veritable flood of emails showering my inbox over the last week you can get 33% off your second multipack of ink cartridges in the Valentines day sale! And they say romance is dead.

In our collective efforts to counteract our consumerist tendencies this month this series was taken with one of my all-time favourite but now oft-forgotten cameras the still-great Fujifilm X-T1. I have to say it was an absolute delight to use it again and be reminded why it was the camera I used to carry with me at all times for personal projects and one that deserves to be pulled out of the bag on a more regular basis.