I feel somewhat guilty that this project we are embarking on revolves around Consumerism.

It’s because of my post earlier in the year that we came up with this idea, as a collective, to explore consumerism…..but with a twist.

As you will have already gathered, by reading the other posts this month, we have tasked ourseves with shooting with our oldest available digital camera.

In my case, it’s the venerable original X100. A camera I adore, has a great place in my heart and recently I had it signed by Masa-san, the designer of the camera.

Over the last month, I’ve traveled a little. Probably not as much as Jonas, but I’ve been to places as consumer driven as you can get - namely Dubai and Bristol - where all these pictures are yielded from.

As I’m one of the last to go in this series, there isn’t much I can add to the words and thoughts of others with regards to the theme.

However, I’d be contite to exlaim that consumerism is bad. It’s not. It’s life and I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to have stuff that I probably don’t need.

However, when I look around and compare places like Dubai airport and then the less afluent areas of Bristol you can’t help but to consider the huge bend in the equilibirum.

Even though Dubai’s economy is not strong right now, there is no real outward sign of it. In Bristol, the shops are closing and the “Sales” are all year long.

Consumerism is, in part, to blame - I guess. But the economics of life, the beating heart that we all have, is partly to blame too.

I’m on a downsizing mission right now. I’ve sold a lot of gear, cancelled unecessary bills and am desperately trying to get my kids to eat all their food at dinner (not an easy battle!).

The world we inhabit is still beatuful. I’m proud of the human race. All races, creeds and colours. I feel we are starting to work together more as humankind. The cogs are turning, slowly, and the people are understanding more.

Less waste, more sense. 2019 +

All photographs taken with the original FujiFilm FinePix X100