Constantly Looking Up


Guidance: Use fewer notes.

Assignment: Today you must shoot constantly looking up, using a lens closest to 50 millimeters (35 equivalent) and your favourite camera. You must also use your device’s square ratio.


In the 13 years I have shot weddings and indeed the 20 years I have studied photography I have never used the square ratio on my digital camera. I may, from time to time have cropped an image after the event but have never seen the world in a square at the time of shooting - aside of course from my old medium format cameras!

It was quite the challenge! According to my guidelines I also had to shoot only upwards, use a lens closest to 50mm (which I actually own but never use so that in itself was an eye opener!) and shoot with my favourite camera (although this part was not difficult - for me it is always the Fujifilm X-Pro2).

This was my attempt at the Generator task, all taken in Leeds, in May.

A city that, as it turns out, greatly benefits from turning your view to the sky.