Sunday's are always peculiar to me.  If I've shot a wedding on Saturday, I feel like Sunday is my Saturday and as such I'm a bit discombobulated by them.

This weekend, I should have been in China, but the trip was cancelled so yesterday was also affecting my mind.  I spent the day in Bristol with the family shopping and constantly worrying that at any moment I would get a call from a groom asking me where the heck I was! 

The stresses of a wedding photographer, I tell you.

And therein we arrive on Sunday.  This whole Chronicle journey for me has been about openness and I know that on some days, the mediocre bubbles to the top but it's mediocre that interests me in other people's lives.

I'm a photographic voyeur and it's that reason why I love photojournalism with integrity and it's also that reason that Gemma, my wife, is always asking me to deal with the many photo-books I have scattered around the house.

And I have a fairly substantial collection now, I reckon over 300.  I've been meaning to inventory them for a long time and today, that has started.

My Sunday is gorgeous today.  I took a run, had a bit of a struggle with the new puppy (he didn't seem bothered), and started to inventory the books.

Kind of.

Actually, what happened, in reality, was, I pulled some of them off the shelf and started looking at them again.  They are back where they came from now, on the shelf.  Not inventoried and Gemma is giving me one of "those looks".

I think photography is such an important factor in my life. 

I'm not an artist, at least I don't see it that way, I like to just think of myself as a collector of memories (and I hope that doesn't sound pompous).  I photograph and I print.  Our house is full of those captured memories and in a very short period of time, we are having substantial work done on our house.

I'm already thinking about new frames and pictures.  I'd love to have all the walls floor to ceiling with pictures in old frames I find at junk sales.  I feel the frames themselves have memories too.  I can see my books in a big wall to wall shelf at one end of the room.  Maybe with a set of steps on wheels.  A nice tray of Scotch and some glasses at the bottom with a lovely leather armchair and lamp. 

Gemma, does not have the same vision.

PS - All images from the Fujifilm X-T3 Out of Camera JPEGs.