Today I found myself watching a different kind of humanity.

A set of people so driven, so focused and so together, that it made me wonder just how on earth do the terrible things in the world ever happen.

Today I was the “behind the scenes” photographer at a half marathon and my remit was to capture the emotion, the happiness, the sadness, the turmoil, the struggles, the pains of running twelve and a half miles.

I run myself - quite a bit, and I’ve run marathons before (though a long time ago). Before I started shooting I thought “I reckon I could do this again at my grand old age”.

Then, as the last of the runners crossed the START line, the ones that left first, crossed the FINISH line. Around an hour it took them.

The human body is an incredible thing and for all our failings, we seem to be able to forge a togetherness, a stoic attitude to completion.

Some of course found it easier than others. Some found it too much and would never finish.

Others, like tetraplegic Tom have much greater struggles in life yet still face every challenge with a smile.

People are ace.