Its been a funny old week.

I’ve been all over the place this week; a couple of weddings, a couple of workshops and also trying to find time to give the new X-T3 a bit of a test.

I picked the camera up and because it’s a prototype, and because I’m not able to edit any RAW files yet, I have used it only for some personal snapshots.

I have this weird thing in my life where, when I get a new camera, I take a very quick snap of whatever is in front of me and keep those snaps as a kind of memory of the day I picked it up.

I have the very first picture I ever took on every single camera I’ve ever owned. Most, of course are sample snaps of a wall, or a table or something.

In this case, I had my friend Neale with me and raised the camera and popped off a bit-to-close-to-be-comfortable portrait of him.

On the weekend I had a workshop in that there London Town and took the X-T3 out for a spin. As I mentioned, I can only shoot JPEG with it, and the theme I’d given the students was light and shadow (original, huh?).

Anyway, I’m sat here on this blustery Sunday morning preparing a presentation for Photokina (you now Me, Bert, Jonas and Pat are all giving talks at Photokina, right? You can find all the details here if you wish. If you are there, please come and say hello. We’d love to catch up with some of you) and have just downloaded some of the images.

So, this week. What’s happening? Well, I’ve another wedding, I’m shooting the Bristol Half Marathon and I’m making a Legacy Film for a retiring architect in London. Coupled with the hustle of album design, blogs, marketing, taking the kids to clubs, trying to get to the gym, school runs yada yada.

I love my job.

Have a happy week everybody. See you next Sunday.