August 6, 2018 at 9:20 AM (Otterburn Park, Canada)

By Patrick La Roque

We’re not doing anything special. It’s just summer: we get up a little later, jump in the pool to fight away the heat a couple of times a day. I find myself mostly tied down to my iPad and keyboard, struggling to find words and ideas for projects that will all be due at once. I even have a voiceover to record. 

I’m on the deck this morning so I can feel the breeze—but the wifi sucks. Which means I won’t be here for much longer. And for some reason my entire body hurts like hell; enough to wake me up several times a night for the past month or so.

I almost dove into our recent camping trip for this entry but then I stopped myself: three weeks is too far removed—I’ll keep those stories for my own blog instead. The challenge here is the snapshot right? However...boring?

I grabbed the camera a few minutes ago and walked around. I’d love to say it’s peaceful but there’s a day camp in the park nearby, and apparently it’s all about screaming at the top of your lungs now. Yeah...“Get off my lawn!” says the old man with backaches and too little patience ;) 

So there it is.