AUGUST 23, 2018 AT 07:45 AM (MIZALA, SPAIN)


We have exactly one week left in the magical valley of Mizala.  Its such an incredible place to spend the summer, and even though we have done this for the last several years, it never gets boring.

Of course, being a business owner means I can't simply "not work" for five weeks.  I have admin to keep on top of, even if I'm not physically shooting any commissions.

My favorite time of the day to do this is early in the morning.  Poking away at my keyboard after making a coffee, dealing with the dishes whilst watching the most incredible sunrise is an opportunely I'm very grateful for.

I love being the first one to unlock the wreckers and pad out onto the terrace.

I'll miss this place of course; I'll miss that sunrise, I'll miss the noisy cactus in the night and I'll miss wondering just what the heck goes on in that abandoned house where cars occasionally appear, then disappear.

This time next week, we'll be at the airport and my mind will be on the wedding I have two days later in the Lake District.

In the meantime, my friends, keep well & shoot well.