August 20, 2018 at 7:15 AM (Otterburn Park, Canada)

By Patrick La Roque

Our twenty year-old fridge broke down, forcing us to live off coolers for a week. We were obviously due but there’s very little joy to be found in buying a new refrigerator—it’s one of those utilitarian objects that quickly fade into the background of our lives. We’re far from the thrill of a new TV...ok, maybe that’s just me. Of course we were an inch short on height clearance when it was finally delivered: we ended up removing two cupboards, leaving a gaping hole where several mixing bowls used to chill, happily waiting to fulfill their duty.

Needless to say all of this wrecked whatever semblance of schedule we’d manage to figure out. So I spent the weekend alone, working, while the family attended the annual summer gathering at my in-laws. A shame...but those lost days represented time I simply couldn’t spare.

There are obvious signs of impending change in our household this morning: toys, bowls...carpets temporarily removed. Everyone’s back and we’re about to drive to the animals refuge in Ogden again—except this time, Watson is coming home.
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