August 2nd, 2018 at 8am (Mizala, Andalucía, Spain)


I love my Kage buddies.  I really do.  I see them as brothers.  We've been through a lot together.

I've helped Patrick fend off Gulls in Brighton, I've helped Jonas help a stricken damsel in distress in Cologne, I've even shared a rather incongruous experience with Bert in a bathroom in Yokohama.


Imagine my consternation, when, excitedly opening up Monday's Chronicle to see what Pat had posted to see..... swimming pool pictures.

I mean.  Come on, man.  I shoot weddings.  All year.  Weddings.  Then, I have a whole month in Spain where I shoot (mostly) pictures of my kids in the swimming pool.

So that's it.  The gloves are off.  No more brotherly affiliation.  

Here are my pool-plops.  And a bit more.  I'm spending a month in a very remote part of Andlucia.  Some liken it to Mars.  It is a bit.  But if I had to be stranded on Mars, I'd be happy with a pool, a GoPro, my X-E3 and my family.....oh, and a LOT of Cruzcampo beer.