July 24, 2018 at 11:29 AM (Zaventem, Belgium / Dunkirk, France)

By Bert Stephani

Today I've spent another day photographing at the refugee camp near Dunkirk, France. I feel it's my obligation as a story teller to tell the stories that I believe aren't told enough. It's personal ... and usually I'm pretty professional in being personal. But today the camera didn't function as a professional shield, it acted as a personal rear view mirror. 

I stumbled upon two dusty boxes in my garage with toys from back when my kids were small and decided to give them to the many refugee children in the camp. Some of the toys have been in our house for fifteen years and opening the boxes brought back countless memories of happy childhoods, contrasted by smiles from children who were just born in the wrong country. 

I'm sad, angry and happy