19 October 2018 at 19:15 pm (Belfast, Northern Ireland)


There’s more than a little irony at play when speaking and attempting to inspire at a photography conference hampers your capacity to actually take many photographs but that, dear reader, is the paradox I find myself in this week, having just returned from Northern Ireland late last night.

The conference in question took place in Belfast and was a jam-packed, fantastic event where my brother Liam and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching about our “Docustreet” approach to weddings, connecting with fellow photographers and exploring the differences and clear underlying similarities in the thoughts and concepts of fellow creatives. Despite talking photography for several days straight both on and off stage though we could only squeeze a tiny window of time between classes to actually grab our cameras and attempt to explore our surroundings. 

Despite the limited timescale though we immediately started to get a feel for this city (one that’s long been on my list of places to visit) and the people and community that make it what it is. Finding some stunning murals not too far from base we grabbed a few shots before having to cut our explorations short to be back and ready for another 90minute session. So here are just a few shots, slightly later than usual, from a place we're already forging plans to return, cameras in hand to for a full and thorough exploration of what makes this city tick.