So this is it, my friends.

Chronicle 90 is completed.

90 Days, 90 Posts and we did it.

It falls on me to wrap up this exercise in social photography and I have to say that I’m immensely proud to have been a part of it.

From my point of view, I found myself struggling to shoot for it or find images that I feel are remotely close to my colleagues here.

However, I guess, that’s the cathartic part of the exercise. For me, at least, it’s not been about perfectly edited images, but rather the mixed nature of seeing more, observing and forcing some kind of shooting situation.

I’ve found it hard on times and not always from a shooting point of view - sometimes from a logistical point of view, and even now, I’m writing this on somebody else’s kitchen table as we are technically homeless for three weeks whilst have some serious house renovations done.

My images today, as I say farewell to Chronicle (2018 - see what I did there? I’ve left the door open for a 2019 version, maybe…), are about people.

Simple people and different people - because for me, as much as I love the creativeness of photography, I’m only ever drawn to emotions and people. That’s the tick that makes my tock.

And so I’m summarising my journey through Chronicle with some images I shot that are very simple, but all shot within about 15 meters of each other. A study of the communion of races, the collection of souls all passing each other by and perhaps never even noticing the very breath in the bodies of the others.

The world is diverse, the world is beautiful and the people within it are the characters in the play that is eternally being performed.

Have a wonderful Sunday my friends.