It’s Sunday.

I’m tired. Again.

Another long, but lovely wedding yesterday. This time, I had my good friend Neale James second shooting with me and it was a lot of fun.

But Sundays, I think I’ve mentioned before, when you shoot weddings regularly on Saturdays always feel a bit….well, strange.

It’s like an eighth day of the week. Everybody else is getting ready to go back to work, there is a quiet feeling to day, a sense of family and a sense of relaxation.

However, for me, it feels like Saturday and I often feel like I need to make up for the missed Saturday on the Sunday.

But it’s fine, you know. I make sure my business works for me from a family point of view but one thing I can’t shake after ten years of weddings, is the discombobulated feeling I get on Sundays.

And today, I’m prepping to head to London tomorrow to finish the last scenes of a film I’ve been making of an architect who is retiring and turning his hand to art.

So I’m in the studio, right now, for maybe an hour. I’m charging my microphones and gimbals and all that other stuff and whilst I’m doing it I’m editing a short family shoot that I did very recently.

In fact, these are good friends of ours - which I always find even more pressuring - but I love delivering images that other people will love.

And so, my friends, here are some of those images that I’m processing and sending to print.

I hope you enjoy them, but more importantly, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday with your loved ones.

Try not to feel as discombobulated as me.