The First 10 Seconds

There must be an incredible sense of hiraeth for a baby when it is born.  Perhaps, also, a complete misunderstanding of what has just occurred.  From the comfort and calm of the womb to the bright lights and noise of real life.

Birth itself if ephemeral.  The story that continues thereafter, lasts forever.  At the moment of a birth, love is created and bonds that can never be broken are generated with the ironic breaking of the physical ties between mother and child.

I spend a great deal of my time photographing people.  A majority of it as a storytelling wedding photographer, but I have a deep rooted passion for simply documenting people, being people.

I don't have the opportunity, nor perhaps skill, to shoot the types of beautiful stories that my Kage buddies shoot on a regular basis but when I can shoot true moments, like these, I feel rejuvenated.

This is The First 10 Seconds of a life.  Actually, not "a" life, but "Lenny's" life.  

Every human being is born naked to the world and equal.  

Our 24 Hour rolling news channels will have us think that mankind is doomed, and good humanity can't be derived from all the murder, hate and violence (apart from when the commercial breaks are on of course).

Actually, I think the world is safe.  We are a people of love.  We are a people of emotion and we are a good people that bring, other good people into this world.

All images shot on X-T2 with XF 23mm F2 Lens.