When I was 14, I went to the ballet for the first time ... and the last time. It was one of those modern things with a bunch of screaming skinny people rolling over the floor while taking their clothes off. That image has stuck to my retina for 28 years until I recently discovered that there are other kinds of ballet too.

My girlfriend has been following a ballet academy for a photo project for a while and asked me if I want to do some video during a performance by the academy in the refugee center where we shot portraits last year. 

The show is called "Koneksi" and it's about how important it is in these troubled times to connect to other people. The performance and the interaction with the refugees moved me to tears. What a great example of how art can build bridges. 

I'm incredibly proud that my video was used in the show and allowed me to make a tiny contribution to this initiative. 

I had other obligations on the dates that the final show was held but luckily I was able to attend the final rehearsal and take some pictures. 

The academy decided to so an extra show and donated all the proceeds to an organisation that helps refugees. Wow, just wow.