By Kevin Mullins

"It's a quarter after one and I need you now" said Lady Antebellum

My fellow Kage colleagues this month have produced some amazingly compelling stories with strong messages and beautiful imagery.

As with last month, I'm struggling to put anything here that is not wedding photography.  For wedding photography is what feeds my family.

However, as I pondered the last couple of months, I realised that I've flown around 11 times, and on Monday I'll be flying again.

I've shot weddings all over Europe and spoken at conferences in New York and across Europe too.

All in the last couple of months.

"You're lucky".  They say.  And I am.  I really am.  

I appreciate everything that comes my way both in commercial terms and wanderlust pacifying terms. 

This weekend is my first Saturday here in Malmesbury since our family vacation in August.  And it's made me think.

I've seen a lot of hotel rooms recently.

I've seen a lot of characters on the streets of different cities.

I've even given a presentation on the same stage as the legendary David Alan Harvey.

But I haven't hardly seen my family.

My wife is patient, beautiful and kind.  My children are understanding (and love the Hershey’s  chocolates I bring back).  But I've missed them.

My business is one of making pictures and education.  This won't change, and I am happy with the twists and turns of my chosen road.

But I'm looking forward now to a few months of time in the same world as my real world.  

The real world for me, is in my home and through necessity I've vacated that world probably too often this last couple of months.

And so, to home.... love, laughter and the occasional huge row, tears before bedtime and washing up dishes :-)