Finding my way back

By Patrick La Roque

I stood in front of an audience yesterday, extolling the merits of finding beauty in the everyday, of expressing ideas and emotions through photography, of honing our reflexes through this constant act of seeing. And I did it after several weeks of barely glancing at my own camera. It felt odd.

Sometimes you just stop looking. Because life, because work...because it seems as though you’ve said all there is to say and the well is dry. Our kids are growing up, the dynamics of our lives are changing—there’s a new learning curve. Like someone changed the locks on me while I wasn’t looking...and I can’t find the damn key.

I’m giving another talk this afternoon...two more next week in another city, closer to home. I took a walk this morning, to clear my head and get some breakfast. Now I pick up the camera and push myself to see again. A few tentative steps

to find my way back.