My Photographic Midlife Crisis - TemporarILy Living the Dream


I’ve just reread my article about “the blank canvas”. Written two months ago, I have admit that so far I haven’t finished everything that was on my list and new items have been added. But I have allowed myself a temporary blank canvas anyway. I just needed to see if the kind of life and work that I want, is possible. 

In the last six weeks, I’ve spent two weeks in a cabin in the South of France, I’ve been on a hunting trip to the UK, I went camping in Belgium and tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving for a week in Holland. I’ve hardly slept in my own bed but I still managed to get some work done. 
I’ve enjoyed amazing close moments with my kids, deep conversations with my girlfriend under the stars, I’ve experienced the thrill of harvesting a roebuck (twice) but I’ve also shot three weddings, corporate jobs, personal work, wrote a magazine article, conducted a workshop and started vlogging.

The vlog has been a very important outlet for me. It may seem incoherent to you, but it’s starting to show me a clear direction. I’m not yet able to write down the right words or completely catch the feeling in the vlogs. So far, every episode may seem completely different but the more videos I make, the more direction I’m seeing for myself in the ensemble of the series. 

If you’re up for some experimental vlogs, feel free to take a look at my YouTube page

The last week of August, I’m going to tie down the loose ends of this ideal summer and evaluate how I did. It sure feels like I’m on the right track. I’ve combined work with life pretty well and I’m feeling creative again. There will still be some of that unfinished business but having a sense of direction should be a big motivation to catch up completely. 

Next month I’ll be back with a game plan.