Sambucca @ 35mm

BY Kevin Mullins

When our theme for this issue was discussed, and decided upon, I noted the incongruity in the fact that I would need to find some images that were shot at 35mm and sometime in the evening.

I'm not a big user of the 35mm lenses.  Don't get me wrong, I think they are great, and the 1.4 variant has had a new lease of life with the X-Pro2.  But they aren't focal lengths that I gravitate to naturally.

I'm more of a 23 and 56 man myself.

However.  I was lucky enough to be a speaker recently at an amazing photography conference in the Welsh hillsides called Snap Photo Festival.  One of the amazing things to happen to me at this conference was a total Epiphany I had about parties.  

Have you ever experienced a Silent Disco?

Well, neither had I until this evening.  Essentially, you take a very (and I mean very) dark tee-pee, around 100 professional photographers, some sambucca, and some headphones.

Et Volia.....a crazy Silent Disco.  Honestly, I can't explain the experience, but I will say - if you can - do go to one soon.  You will smile, and smiling is good.

At this extremely dark disco I had my X-Pro2 and the 35mm F2 and 18mm F2 lenses.  I actually shot a majority of the evening (remember I too was drinking Sambucca!) on the 18mm.

However, a few on the 35mm made the cut.  All of these images are shot at 12,800 ISO or above.  I actually like the grittiness of the edit and as Patrick mentioned when I showed him these images, the chaos.

I think Chaos is a great word to describe that evening.  Fun chaos though.