When the Sun Shines in Britain


This weekend, the United Kingdom saw sunshine.  

It was a newsworthy event, as temperatures soared to a dizzy 21 degrees for the first time (it seems) sense 1955.

In a nod to the great English photographer, Martin Parr, I have been working on an ongoing personal project that I have subjectively titled "Britain Burns".

For the purpose of this month's Kage theme, A New Light, I wanted to shoot some images for us that formed part of my personal project but also showcased the incredibly British attitude towards this "New Light" - the sunshine.  Whenever it makes its rare appearance it seems the same things happen.  And they always happen in a very British way.

It seems that we Brits are born with this natural urge to acquiesce to the sun whenever it puts its hat on.  I see it as a rite of passage as Britain Burns and we have an inane propinquity with each other when this rarest of events unfolds before our eyes.

I am very aware that at the time of writing this, the area of Alberta in Canada is struggling with a very serious issue and the timing of this post is coincidental.  Whilst we in Western Europe embrace the heat on this day, my heart, prayers and thoughts go out to those in Canada who are affected by a burning of a very different nature.

All of these images were taken with the Fuji X-70 and the Wide Angle Converter which for me has presented another epiphany in terms of the way I can shoot candid street photography.