No place like home

Guanajuato, Mexico


We hear it all the time: It's where the heart is, a space-place of safety, anger, belonging, angst, love, terror. It's the people you're with, the places you love, the food you eat, the ability to rest. Battleground and shelter, it messes with your point of view.

Home is difficult.

In 3 years of moving around, I've had a number of temporary homes. I have felt curiously at rest in places I should have least solace, and where I would expect to find some measure of belonging, comfort has been absent. Ordinary tasks  - eating, drinking, washing, working, sleeping - are often surprising from place to place, and the approach to daily living is frequently also an indication of how the surrounding city should be traversed. 

In all of it, I come home to an abundance of light, color and texture.