By Bert Stephani

I was going to make an essay about how I finally decided to give up the studio space and the big house I worked really hard for. I was going to show you how too much clutter in a too big place, almost became my downfall. I was going to explain how I turned everything I've learned the hard way into a better future. I tried for days to make a comprehensible story but just couldn't make it work. I guess it's still too fresh and I'm still in the middle of this big transition. I really want to do something creative with these confusing times. And once the dust has settled, I will. 

For now, I will leave you with some portraits I made in my studio "The Barn" over the last eight years. There are some pictures in this gallery that I still like a lot, but I mostly see a photographer who has the technical skills but is desperately looking for his own voice in studio photography, sometimes getting close, more often not.