Issue 003 - Words From The Editor

I'm delighted to be the editor for this, our third edition, of our year of publishing.

When I was invited to join the Kage collective I couldn't quite believe that I had been accepted into such a group of photographers.  I've subsequently learnt that not only are they amazingly inspiring photographers and storytellers, but they are also encouraging, educational, funny, emotional and driven.

Being a part of the Kage collective has opened my eyes to a whole new world of visual storytellers and perhaps as importantly, has offered me an opportunity to facilitate my own storytelling and put it in front of an ever increasing audience.

I would be remiss to introduce you to our third installment, without first, thanking you for your continued support throughout issue one and issue two.  Your comments and sharing through social media are greatly appreciated.  

This month, we have a rather lose theme ~ faces.   We have each put a different slant on our interpretation of the subject matter.  I hope you enjoy reading and regarding as much as I have.

I have decided to offer up a small video documentary filmed on the X-Pro2, and we have incredible images, with some twists and turns, from the rest of the collective.

As always, along with our individual stories, we have each offered up a single favourite image shot through the month of March.  


Kevin, Wiltshire UK