Passing of Time

By Kevin Mullins

This month, we are looking, in the loosest sense at the passing of time.

I've spent a lot of time recently in London, which is around two hours from my home.  I live in a medieval village, in a 300 year old cottage.

Whenever I go to London I'm struck by the change that is happening, constantly, to the city.

These images haven't been shot consciously for this month's assignment.  Rather, they are a collection of snapshots that I felt helped me visually tell some kind of story about the passing of time that seems to be happening in London.

Wherever you go, you will see modern architecture squeezed in next to buildings of some kind of historic interest.

It offers a visual juxtaposition that is everywhere, when we open our eyes to it.

Time passes, that can't be helped, but I hope, given time, the historic elements of our great cities are allowed to remain, and breathe, in a cluttered architectural world.