High School Rodeo New Mexico



In April 2013, Charlene and I stumbled into a High School Rodeo in the awesome small quirky town of Truth or Consequences (that is the name and we love this town, it is so surreal and weird!) in New Mexico.

We spent 2 days at the rodeo shooting and filming and getting to know people, everyone was very friendly and the atmosphere was a special level of friendship and joy, these families travel the high school rodeo circuit together. We were allowed in everywhere and to stand anywhere we wanted and have an invite to the annual national high school rodeo in Colorado which we must go to one day. 

It was going to go into the Beyond movie but did not fit, so we never really did anything with all these pictures and video. 

So I figured, I could use it for our first KAGE review session. I have attached 16 images below and you can also download them here from Dropbox if you wish to try out some story edits :


Do not hold back, tell me what you think of the work, what could be improved, what is good, which images work, maybe try out some edits (Flemming-tight?) if you like!  

EDIT: Also it is in colour, as I like the colours here and if this ends up a KAGE story I really want to do a colour one, have done two bw ones.

There are 2-3 images in here I really like, but I am not sure I did well enough to do a whole KAGE story on it. But let me hear what you guys think of the images and lets see what comes out of this review session.

1..2..3...review session GO :)