GF45MM F2.8 - a reportage lens for Medium Format?

Today (7th September 2017) marks another milestone in the evolution of the Fujifilm X and GFX series of cameras.

When I think about it, I find it hard to believe that a team of just 23 people in Tokyo has produced such a compelling ecosystem of cameras that have changed certainly my way of working, and that of many others too.

For my part, recently I've been investigating whether there is a place in my kit bag for the GFX50S.  To that end, knowing that I'm a reportage and family storytelling photographer, Fujifilm UK armed with the pre production of the GF45mm F2.8 W R lens to put through its paces.'

I'm not going to replicate the blog post I did on my own website but needless to say, I think the GF45mm lens is certainly one that fine art documentary photographers will want to consider.

I've used it shooting my own family, extensively, and in some pretty tricky situations.  And it handles well at weddings and on the street too.

As I've always maintained, I don't see the GFX system as a replacement to my X-Series.  You can't beat the speed and size of those cameras, but it maybe something that can work alongside my existing kit for images that I know is likely to be printed.

Because prints from the GFX are out of this world.

Here are a small selection of reportage images shot with the GFX 50S and the GF45mm F2.8 lens.