Steve McCurry and ethics

From Flemming:

Steve McCurry is definitely using the dark side of the force.

OK, there are all the internet stories about how big an a**hole he is and how truly horrible and waste of money his workshops are - google them, there's plenty.

I then had these confirmed by photographer friends in the US who had the 'pleasure' of having to rescue and take over some of McCurry's workshops at US photo festivals where the workshop participants where threatening to walk out and sue the festival. Also was told stories of how McCurry works in the field.

Then I had these stories confirmed... I was in the Open Shutter gallery in Durango, Colorado. Guy who works there has been an assistant for McCurry on several trips. Since they had a McCurry exhibition, the talk falls on him and the guy tells me horror stories of McCurry in the field. They were in India, and McCurry will wander straight into people's house without permission and start taking pictures of everyone, start posing them, moving stuff around, just behaving like he owns the planet. He will photograph kids, then he will take away their toy or similar to make them cry and photograph the kid's emotions. 

There were countless more tales. Since I have had these confirmed by so many who know him or have worked with him, I don't mind gossipiing about it, no one should ever go to a McCurry workshop and I must admit I have lost all respect for his (pretty stunning) work knowing how he gets the results.