UPDATE: We've begun receiving submissions and would like to point out a few things just to be clear:

  • Keep in mind that storytelling is very important to us. What we want to see is an essay, something with a narrative, not a random collection of images however beautiful and well executed they may be. Don't just send us a link to your general website — That's what the website (portfolio) field is for.

  • On the same subject: the Essay Text field is meant for exactly that, the text that accompanies your essay. Not a message or an introduction. This field is required and should only be used for that purpose.

  • Obviously some of you may not feel comfortable writing in english. If thats the case just do so in your own language. We certainly wouldn't want to penalize anyone due to language differences. But we'd appreciate a rough translation if possible! 

Thank you :)

A year ago we launched this collective with a very simple premise in mind: to explore the visual world around us, as unobtrusively as possible, using Fujifilm’s mirrorless X Series cameras. Over this past year we received several requests for membership and we're very grateful for your interest, but we needed to find our footing before adding anyone else.

That said, to celebrate our anniversary we’ve decided to expand — If you’re a Fuji shooter and are interested in joining the group now's the time to do it.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Working, professional photographers using the X Series cameras.
  • An interest in pursuing documentary subjects and visual exploration.
  • Drive, style and vision.
  • A photo essay featuring a short text and 6 to 12 images.
  • Someone willing to eat cake (sorry, that’s an ongoing inside joke…!).

Our goal is to remain very tight knit so we’re looking at one, maybe two slots to fill. We promise to examine every single entry and our final decision(s) will need to be unanimous; we’re a pretty democratic bunch.

To submit your work please fill the form below and enter your essay text as well as the URL to the images (preferably a web page but you can also use Dropbox, WeTransfer etc).

We’ll be taking submissions until January 10th 2014.
We’re all extremely excited to see your work so don’t be shy.

Talk soon
Patrick, Derek, Robert & Flemming.

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