OCTOBER 2016 | ISSUE 010


Above and below.

Essays from our Temporary Collective - Brussels 2016 Workshop
Jacobite: Anatomy of a CD Shoot Part 3 by Derek Clark
8 X OCT16  our personal images for the month

Words from the Editor

Last month was a big one for our collective. For the first time five of the eight members shared a beer together at Photokina. And something we had talked about for a long time—the first KAGE Collective workshop—became a reality.

We set up a Temporary Collective, represented by Patrick and myself, to immerse five talented photographers in a world of visual storytelling with Brussels as our backdrop. Peter, Patrick, Guillaume, Helmut and René worked really hard from start to finish with an open mind and a good sense of humour. Several regular KAGE members (including myself) expressed concerns about the quality of the participants’ work … because you see, we all struggled to produce essays that were anywhere near the ballpark of what the gang in Brussels created. 

For this issue we agreed to all shoot the same theme, within the same time frame (two hours) as the workshop participants. I’m very proud to present the essays by both permanent and temporary members of the KAGE Collective. Your monthly dose of KAGE stories has never been so rich in quantity, quality and diversity than in this tenth issue. 

Bert Stephani





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