Words from the Editor

We strived for September 1st. Honestly, we did. But that inevitable thing called life came around and happened to all of us within the collective. Some of us were so busy during summer that holidays got postponed. Some of us had a lot of work, preventing us from doing our usual documenting. And yet here we are: a little past due date, but when I look at the stories and images, it speaks to me. 

It’s a really strong issue. 

Maybe because I know about the “harder than usual” delivery. Or maybe because we did in fact manage to come through. Bert nails it when he says he was avoiding a confrontation, not having any material to share. Yet he shot some incredible portraits this past month, and turned them into a great story. Stories and narratives are everywhere. Everyday. We just need to press the shutter button.

Since releasing the August issue Fujifilm has launched some amazing new products. A couple of us were fortunate enough to try some of the hardware, ahead of the September 7th launch. We talked about (or rather I suggested, as the new kid on the block) doing some alternative review type stuff. But luckily we didn’t. I think the primary common denominator around KAGE is the photography itself, and then second is the fact that we enjoy using Fujifilm gear. To me this is the way it should be and luckily, time constraints prevented a shift in this philosophy.

This issue is what it is because of time—more precisely, a lack thereof.
Sometimes that’s a good thing.

Jonas Rask, September 2017.







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