Words from the Editor

When I looked at the drafts of this month's stories, I immediately felt they were connected. But expressing what the common theme is, proved to be a lot more complicated. It's there though, but it's under the skin. We all deal with it in a different way but there is a sense of unrest, there's change and there's us trying to find out where we fit in.

This month, I think it's all about our responsibilities as storytellers. Kevin and Patrick are very serious about educating and inspiring other photographers but also have to give themselves, their personal work and their families the oxygen they deserve. Jonas has captured how nature is a force that's stronger than its scientific explanation. Derek also turns to the dark forces of nature but still finds the light. Robert and I have turned to global social and political issues about gay rights and refugees.

We don't see ourselves as traditional journalists. But that doesn't mean that our work doesn't come with responsibilities. Telling stories is not a hobby, it's something that we all feel we NEED to do. It's why we started the KAGE Collective in the first place.

Bert Stephani, November 2017.






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