AUGUST 2016 | ISSUE 008


Seasons in transit.

Modern Jacobite: Anatomy of a CD Shoot Part 2 by Derek Clark
My Photographic Midlife Crisis Part 3 by Bert Stephani
Afghanistan 2012 a book review by Derek Clark
8 X AUG16  our personal images for the month


Words from the Editor

Welcome to issue 008, august 2016, of the KAGE Monthly.
Road Work—Seasons in Transit is our theme and I have the honour of being J. Jonah Jameson this month. Road Work implies photographic work done while on the road, be it in transit, commuting, on a holiday, on a weekend trip to see family or for some of us - the road is our home. The KAGE members have explored the theme in many different ways. I hope you enjoy our essays this month, there is some amazing work here from everyone.

"Write something extremely grumpy befitting of an editor" - This was my work in progress editorial, placeholder text if you will. I like it so it will now be my ending. Now you'll excuse me, there are so many things out there to be grumpy about and I am very busy.


Flemming Bo Jensen





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