Words from the Editor

We were all new to the X-series world—excited and wide-eyed, jumping on a departing train without any real knowledge of its destination. This was back in 2012 and we were comparing notes, reading each other’s blogs, longing for a different approach in our photography...a confluence of events that brought us together and provided an outlet to express ourselves in ways we hadn’t before.

Those Fujifilm cameras were our starting point, egging us on—but a love of stories, in any form, is what has kept us going. Five years now...hard to believe.

Our team has grown, shrunk and grown again but we’ve learned so much through it all. I look at the work today and feel this strange mix of pride and humility: I’m proud we’re still here, still tight-knit and seeing eye to eye on so many topics. But I’m humbled as well... of being a part of this, of the opportunity to share my own images alongside those of my talented colleagues.

Where do we go from here? Well, the five year point is also an important symbol: we all exist within the mere blink of a giant’s eye and we simply can’t afford to slow down or grow complacent. 2017 was marked by transitions, by hellos and goodbyes—this Anniversary Year needs to be about building the future. We’re hoping you’ll tag along. 

To comrades who have come and gone—Ian, Paul, Craig, Flemming and Charlene—huge thx. None of this would’ve been possible without you and we’re better because of the time you spent with us on this project.

Anything else? Ah yes: let’s talk again in ten ;)


Patrick La Roque
December 2017





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