August 2017 | ISSUE 015


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Words from the Editor

Last month's guest essay by Steve Shipman sure hit a nerve with me. I’m a General Practitioner, so I deal with these stories on a weekly basis, but that’s certainly not to say that these horrible soul-crushing stories of cancer ever become a routine to deal with. Disease is horrible, and especially those which we cannot fight and conquer—as a doctor it always makes me feel lost and helpless. But it is, sadly, an unavoidable part of existence, that we cease to do just that: exist. But it’s just not fair, nor understandable when our time gets cut short, too early. It really makes me appreciate my continued existence, and I’m grateful for every single day I get on this earth, because I never know when my sands of time run out.

So to Steve: keep fighting my friend. You’re making the most of your time. Living your life. 

This all leads me to this month's issue. We all agreed on a holiday theme, and from looking at the stories this month, one thing is firmly solidified: our holidays are a place of sanctuary. A place of really doing what we want to do—not what we’re required to do. Holiday is about living life the way it’s supposed to be lived, one day at a time, doing what we love and nothing else. We should do this in life! Not irresponsibly, but boldly. Live life as if everyday was the last. With the ones we love the most, or doing the things we love the most. 

This is also my first editorial since joining the collective. It is still a very humbling and overwhelming experience for me to be in the midst of such amazing photographers, that I have admired for years and years. To be able to share my stories through the KAGE collective is an unimaginable privilege, and I will try my very best to add to this creative bunch of likeminded individuals.  

So here’s to life and all that it entails. 

Jonas Rask
Aug. 2017





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