JUNE 2017



Words from the Editor

The one certainty in life is change.
Right, now that we've got the cliché out of the way...these past months have seen much questioning within our collective, a re-evaluation of our goals and the means to achieve them—because nothing is easy and nothing is ever set in stone. Obviously, we took a breather. It was never planned, we just felt a pause was in order after our Year of Publishing. We discussed other platforms, other ways of telling our stories. We discussed but—let's be honest—never delivered. And what should've been a short break almost became a form of writer's block. Frankly, we wasted away half a year.

Flemming and Charlene have left to explore new avenues and we wish them the very best. Change, again. But their work remains a part of us and we're only the richer for it, for their insight and their ongoing friendship through the years as well.

Today we reboot in more ways than one: monthly issues are back—because we've missed telling stories on a regular basis. More importantly we welcome a brand new member: Jonas Rask. Jonas is a longtime friend and colleague whose imagery is consistently stunning, whose drive, energy and love of exploration are nothing short of contagious. We believe his introductory work speaks for itself.

This is issue #13—in Tarot it would be the Death card, signaling transition and inevitability. Fitting don't you think? But psychobabble aside, all I can say is we're excited, glad to feel the hard road under our dusty soles and ready for new beginnings.

Those inevitable beginnings.

Patrick La Roque, June 2017.






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