January 2017



Words from the Editor

A year ago, almost to the day, we launched our Year of Publishing with a special X-Pro2 issue. I was in Tokyo with Bert for the reveal and we shot the event as part of the content. So it's fitting to again begin the new year with another Fujifilm camera release: the X100F.

The X100 holds a special place for lot of us in the group—in many cases it was the gateway drug to what eventually brought us all together. This time around, Kevin, Derek and I had the privilege of shooting a prototype and being featured in a series of promo videos for the camera; you'll find all three below.

What you will also find is an image gallery that will be expanding in the coming days...because we're trying something new. Visual essays will always remain the focus of our work but after an entire year of monthly issues, we've found ourselves questioning that schedule, its accent on specific themes etc. We all want to dig deeper and we're not entirely certain it's the best way to achieve our goal. Regular content is essential but we want to experiment further—most of which will become clearer in the weeks to come.

One of the platforms we want to play with is Instagram: we've basically neglected our account and treated it as little more than a placeholder. A few efforts here and there, little else. We'd like to explode the narrative though Instagram, maybe extend stories over time. In the case of the X100F gallery, we'll merely be unveiling images across several days. But if all goes well, if we manage to pull our collective brains together, it'll become much more important this year.

So consider this our first hello. If you aren't following us on Instagram consider dropping by.
And let's all wish ourselves a splendid 2017.


Patrick La Roque, Canada.




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