JULY 2017


With special guest Steve Shipman.


Words from the Editor

Another month has passed and half of 2017 is gone already. I had actually forgotten how time moves that little bit faster when there’s a recurring Kage deadline. June was a crazy month just busy being busy, but I volunteered to be this month’s editor anyway. As I had invited our guest writer to produce something for Kage, I thought it would make sense for me to write this editorial. That’s right - a guest writer on Kage.

Steve Shipman is a photographer from Hertfordshire in the UK. After a career shooting celebrity portraits for Sunday newspaper supplements, Steve decided to setup his own wedding photography business. I've known Steve's great work for many years, but I had the chance to meet him in person when I was invited to be the final speaker at PhotoTalks, a long running event produced by Steve and Phil Payne. Steve was the gentleman I expected him to be, instantly likeable and very modest.

But the wind has been knocked out of Steve's sails recently as he has been diagnosed with cancer. Rather than disappear from the public eye and go off to fight the disease, Steve has decided to write about his life and struggles on his personal blog. Not only does he chronicle such a difficult time, he does so with great honesty and dignity. I highly recommend you catch up with his posts and subscribe for future stories. 

We hope you enjoy this month’s offerings.

Derek Clark,  July 2017







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