Words from the Editor

As the first editor of 2018 it's my pleasure to wish you all a Happy New Year full of gorgeous light, unique experiences and surprising encounters. Jonas took on the task of capturing the transition between old and new. Or was it the other way around. You see, "Doc" got his hands on a Hasselblad X-Pan and fell in love with the panoramic format. So much so that he convinced us all to adopt it for this month's stories.

Nobody captures the art and craft of small scale, high end business like Vincent. This month he is doing photographic ollies and noseslides. Robert is still rolling too in Japan where he gets the most out of the short winter days. Talking about winter, Derek has beautifully captured the fleeting nature of what happens around zero. Nothing delicate and fleeting for Patrick, as he is still digging himself out of the snow.

And me? Well, for a couple of days I traded cold, grey Belgium for the balmy weather of the Dubai desert for some moments to look back and dream about what the new year will bring. Last year hasn't been the easiest for KAGE but I'm still proud of all the great work we have achieved and I'm very thankful for your reactions. My dream for 2018 is that we can build upon our past and interact more with all of you. For that we can use all the help we can get. What would you like to see from KAGE? Should we adopt social media more? Should we organize workshops? Publish a book? …

Bert Stephani, January 2018.







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