We founded KAGE COLLECTIVE in 2012 around a very simple concept: creating visual stories using the X-Series cameras—because of the quality but also because of their ability to blend in and make us invisible, an important part of our approach. To this day, we remain committed to this exploration in all its forms, be it documentary or fiction.  

We are all Fujifilm X-Photographers and many of us have taken the stage at Fujifilm events around the world. We are also speakers and offer workshops, often solely focused on Fujifilm cameras. 

We believe this project could be mutually beneficial, cementing what has been a very clear yet unofficial relationship between us even more, the way Magnum and Leica have been associated throughout the years. 

Below is a video presentation of the collective that was created for the Photon festival in Spain that took place last May. 


Still photographs: KAGE COLLECTIVE
Editing and original soundtrack: Patrick La Roque
Additional music: Spartacus (feat. Kenny Baron) by Tommy Smith